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High above the ocean there are over 250 secret manic stunt tracks. While the clock is ticking, take your little blue jumping car and win them all.

Game features:
- crazy curved racing tracks
- various moving obstacles to make your life a bit more difficult.
- game pickups you'll love:
Power jump
Extra jump
Extra life
Extra time
- Game for real action/arcade fans
- Wide variety of fun levels that you can play
- Challenge level episodes included
- Special falling from the sky mushrooms episode
- Fun with randomly generated levels


- Levels are procedurally generated. Main advantage is instant starting of level, no wait/loading time between levels.

- Game is free, ad supported. No ads during game play.

- Some levels limit the number of jumps and/or number of lives. There are levels you'll race against time. Races are quite brief and usually last between 20 and 90 seconds. Sometimes the tiles are bumpy.

- Highly customizable controls. 6 touch-soft button layouts. Choosing steering between accelerometer/tilt (with sensitivity adjustment) or soft buttons.

- Game keeps your total mileage, rank (you'll gain a star by finishing all levels in one level pack) and best time for each level.

- Rich media (graphics and sound), small installation/download file size, less than 45Mb.

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